Independent Short Focuses on Authentic Music Performances


You will find that this film took painstaking effort to create the most accurate visual portrayal of classical music performances possible. From the beginning, Director Alex Miranda Cruz wanted to produce a film that was both authentic and believable. It took a whole year of casting just to find the lead role of Selah Cohen, because she had to not only act but also be a classically trained violinist. We found that in Lydia Sewell, who was not only a musician but also possessed natural acting ability. We used real musicians and a Conductor for the opening scene, performing Sergei Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No 2., which Lydia and the cast had to learn–no easy task! Although Lydia does actually play the Prokofiev in the film, to enhance the audio in post, the production received official permission from Pentatone Music in the Netherlands to use their world renowned recording of the Prokofiev, performed by German Soloist, Arabella Steinbacher. 

What you will see and hear in Fantasy in D Minor is a stunning opening with a surreal musical experience. To top it all off, the epic finale is an original piece written by Nancy Groeneveld which took less than two hours for her to compose two days before principal photography after discussing the scene with the Director.