Meet Lydia Sewell, Artist Extraordinaire!

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The face is a picture of the mind and the eyes are its interpreter.
— Cicero

When married filmmaking duo Noel and Alex Miranda Cruz first auditioned the Kiwi raised, Lydia Sewell, they knew they had something very special on their hands, so special that they felt compelled to put their entire project on hold to understand what they had just experienced–raw, authentic, untapped natural talent.

After countless auditions, they kept returning to Lydia, but the problem was that she didn't quite fit the original role that Alex envisioned, "I originally wrote for a Jewish female lead and Lydia's New Zealand background didn't quite match." So Alex spent several months rewriting the script tailoring the story and character to embody Lydia's strengths. "It was the best move we made. From the beginning, I really wanted to tell an authentic story, and if that meant having to rethink my original vision for the main character, then so be it!" Noel and Alex believed so much in Lydia's talent that they knew rewriting to her strengths were worth the wait, "I knew writing with Lydia's persona and background in mind would lead to a more authentic film experience." Lydia's performance in Fantasy in D Minor is that and more, she brings a powerful moving presence to the screen and her musical performance is breathtaking. "It's rare to work with someone of Lydia's caliber." Noel and Alex said that Lydia worked crazy hours for eight straight days, enduring the elements of nature, and the mental and physical demands of production and musical performance without ever a complaint. "Every day she was eager to do more, and go further, she completely became Selah Cohen, as Director I felt compelled to hold her back at times just to make sure I wasn't going to burn her out! She handled everything I threw at her with grace and pure joy, it was a real treat to experience!"

Lydia is the artist extraordinaire, she's a masterful violinist, and profound actress able to reach the darkest depths of her soul and unleash the greatest joys in her heart, she brings conviction to her craft and sets her heart to the mastery of whatever she takes on. "Our story may be fictional, but everything Lydia does on screen is real!"


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Fantasy in D Minor is the impressionistic parable that revolves around Selah Cohen, a successful soloist who is forever changed by an unexpected tragedy. While putting her career on hold and wrestling with grief and regret, Selah discovers a renewed spirit of hope by confronting the past, setting her on a new course for the future. Death, that which all living creatures must face, brings into perspective what is imperative and what is eternal: love.